Mini Course

ScAlE to SustainablE 6 FigurEs


Just £47

Discover the proven 3 step formula to achieve your next level of success with simplicity…and sustain it!

The goal is to hit 6 figures right but the reality is 87% of business owners never hit 6 figures!

And if they do, they find it hard to sustain the income or they hit burnout

Ambitious female business owners are action takers. This means you’ve likely done a bunch of courses, feel like you have information overload and now sitting in overwhelm.

It doesn’t have to be hard, it gets to feel easy when it’s done the right way…and I want you to hit (and sustain) your 6 figure years.

Scaling your business isn’t a cookie cutter approach which means you need to have a SIMPLE strategy that’s aligned to you.

The Scale to Sustainable 6 Figures Workshop

This workshop is for you if YOU WANT…

Discover exactly how to scale to 6 figures this year!

You want to hit 6 figures but the real goal is to sustain it once you get there.

That’s why I’m sharing my 3 step proven formula, which I created to scale my business to 6 figures and beyond. This is the exact same method that I teach my high-level clients – now they can go from winging it to having complete clarity on the steps needed to grow, scale & sustain their business to 6 figures. 


Join me and we’ll work ON your business together during the workshop – so that in the future when you’re working IN it, you are being super intentional and know for certain you’re working on the right things to help you grow and scale with ease & flow

You’ll walk away from this workshop with your plan to Scale to Sustainable 6 figures

…without the stress, overwhelm or burnout that most entrepreneurs experience.

What’s Included?

This 90 minute workshop will show you how to: