Ep. 16 | Mastering You – Lifestyle, Performance & Mindset for Success with Matt Sutton

How a holistic approach helps achieve results

In this episode We talk about lifestyle performance and how fulfilment, impact and transformation are key drivers for Matt, a cancer survivor, former England athlete and successful business owner. He shares his take on how a holistic approach helps achieve results.

Founder of Lifestyle Performance Transformations Matt Sutton is not your normal Personal Trainer or fitness entrepreneur.

Former semi-professional Snooker player, 7 times English Billiard Champion and World Championship quarter-finalist Matt initially chose his path into the fitness world to give him the freedom to travel the world and play at the highest level on the green baize.

However, as his love for fitness & business grew he chose to invest more of his time into impacting people’s lives. Then aged 27 his world changed when he was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive Cancer. In battling his illness Matt discovered the power of nutrition and mindset alongside fitness for improving health & wellness.

With this knowledge & new lease on life he changed his whole approach to how he helped people get the results they desired by using a holistic approach of nutrition, lifestyle & mindset coaching alongside personal training. Today he calls it the T.C.P method. T.C.P Method Within a year of using the T.C.P method Matt was achieving transformational results with clients. As a result, he was featured in radio, newspapers and was awarded World Fitness Elite Personal Trainer of the Year.

Over the next decade Matt went on to: – Create and license a UK wide Group training program called the Fit4Life Project – Host multiple Transformation retreats in Portugal & the Uk – Open multi transformation centres that today are known as LPT and embody LPT’s Mastering YOU Philosophy towards health & happiness – start the Mastering YOU Podcast with Matt Sutton interviewing world experts in health, nutrition, fitness & entrepreneurship Away from work Matt is a proud Husband & father of two and enjoys spending every moment with them he can.

Mastering You - Lifestyle, Performance & Mindset for Success with Matt Sutton

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