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"Sarah is an amazing motivator & her enthusiasm is contagious. She truly cares about every individual that she works with in a way I have not seen before... Her knowledge is huge & inspiring. She is also incredibly kind & supportive. She will see things you can do with your business that you may never of thought of before."

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Sarah Cooke is a high performance business & marketing mentor for ambitious, passion-led female entrepreneurs & leaders. She specialises in providing clarity and strategy to build a business model that increases financial sustainability and profits without burnout.

Sarah has lived and worked across the world, both in large scale multinational corporate environments and as an award-winning entrepreneur, setting up 3 successful businesses – she has experienced the pitfalls and learnt how to achieve business & financial goals without compromising your health.

With over 20 years experience in sales, marketing & business strategy, Sarah is also a Positive Psychology Coach, former England athlete and qualified holistic health therapist. Sarah has scaled her own multi-tiered sustainable business model to 6 figures, whilst keeping a flexible lifestyle and is passionate about supporting ambitious women who want a successful business and a freedom-based lifestyle.

She lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and two young children after spending 7 years living and working abroad

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