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Do you want to have a wildly successful business and have the flexibility and freedom to live your life in a way that you choose?  

We focus so much on pushing hard to achieve the results we want within our businesses but often forget that our passion and performance can help skyrocket those results. In this book, Sarah Cooke shows you how you can have more of what you want and how to utilise your most powerful asset…you! 

Using her experience as a high achiever, not just in business but also in sport, combined with her Positive Psychology coaching, holistic health training and experience living and working around the world, together with her personal highs and lows hitting rock bottom and burnout, Sarah shares invaluable business advice, guidance and high performance habits so you can have a life and business full of abundance. 

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Healthy You Wealthy Business is full of inspiring, motivating and practical advice, useful tools and actionable steps to help you be your best self and build a wildly successful business with ease, enabling you to create a limitless life in the way you choose.


Sarah Cooke is a high performance business & marketing mentor for ambitious, passion-led female entrepreneurs & leaders. She specialises in providing clarity and strategy to build a business model that increases financial sustainability and profits without burnout.

Sarah has lived and worked across the world, both in large scale multinational corporate environments and as an award-winning entrepreneur, setting up 3 successful businesses – she has experienced the pitfalls and learnt how to achieve business & financial goals without compromising your health.

With over 20 years experience in sales, marketing & business strategy, Sarah is also a Positive Psychology Coach, former England athlete and qualified holistic health therapist. Sarah has scaled her own multi-tiered sustainable business model to 6 figures, whilst keeping a flexible lifestyle and is passionate about supporting ambitious women who want a successful business and a freedom-based lifestyle.

She lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and two young children after spending 7 years living and working abroad

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