About me

Hi! I’m Sarah Cooke, multi-award winning high performance coach and business success strategist.

And if you’re also an ambitious purpose-led woman running a business you love then I’m your friend and biggest cheerleader.
Whether you’re new to business or looking to scale and grow, it needs to be on your terms so if you’re still not making the money or living the flexible life you thought you would, you’re in the right place.

I love to support amazing women who want limitless success, to achieve their goals and thrive in business and life. 
My journey to success isn’t any different to yours – I’ve been exactly where you have which is why I know it’s possible for you too.

So if you want to take your business to the next level…read a little about me and my journey and why that means I can help you…

I’m Sarah Cooke, multi-award winning high performance coach and business success strategist. I support women who want limitless success

“When you have clarity on your goals, you can build a strategy to achieve a successful, sustainable business and lifestyle on your terms”

My Story

Business has been in my veins since forever with parents who ran their own business. I’ve also had a passion for health & wellness since I can remember so I’ve been surrounded by my two passions since a little girl…being fascinated by both health and business, I always wanted to combine the two.

After studying Business Management & Marketing and continuing my love for sports, including playing at International level, I started my working career in sales, marketing and brand strategy for some of the world’s largest brands.


As a former England athlete and being passionate about health & wellness, the corporate world of long hours and politics went against my desire to live a balanced life on my terms. As much as I loved my job, working all the hours and constant travel meant I was heading for burnout.


With an international move to the other side of the world for work, and living in South-East Asia when I was on maternity leave with my first child, I decided that something needed to change. At 4am after another night feed for my baby, I made the decision to follow my passion into the entrepreneurial business world.

I knew I needed to look after myself in order to look after my child in the ways that I wanted to. So for some headspace away from baby brain and to learn something I’d also been interested in and seen the benefits from during my sporting career, I re-trained as a holistic health & massage therapist.


In just 5 months, I went from having no clients to being fully booked. Great you may say and yes I was ecstatic but history was repeating itself and I was working all the hours doing a job I loved but had no time for my family.

So, I knew I needed to change my business model so I could continue to scale my business whilst also keeping a flexible lifestyle and that’s why I’m passionate about supporting other ambitious female business owners just like you who are led by passion to help others but also want a successful business and freedom-based lifestyle.

With my 15+ years of experience working in marketing, brand strategy and business development, I knew what I had to do in order to attract the right clients and grow my business into a profitable and sustainable one. I created and added physical & digital products, courses, memberships, coaching and more as additional revenue streams.

No matter what life throws at us, whether you get sick, your child gets sick, there’s a global pandemic, or any other emergency…or even if you want to take a holiday (yes, that’s allowed!), it shouldn’t mean that your income stops.

I truly believe that having clarity and a strategy means you can achieve what you want with your business.


Following the birth of my second child, I learnt a lot about having to juggle family life with business whilst still wanting the flexibility and income from my business. I was constantly asked how I managed to grow my business and other women were asking for support to build a successful business on their terms.

My mission is to empower and inspire women to be ambitious, hit their goals and achieve results because together we can create a ripple effect to help others live a healthier, happier life.

what i can do for you

Being a serial entrepreneur, and now living back in the UK, I’m proud of having grown several businesses driven by passion and purpose. My focus now is on helping other female entrepreneurs who want to scale to £5k+ months and beyond by providing clarity and strategy to build a business model that increases financial sustainability and profits without burnout

Having lived and worked across the world, both in large scale multinational corporate environments and as an award-winning entrepreneur, setting up 3 successful businesses I have experienced the pitfalls and learnt how to build my own multi-tiered sustainable business model – I know the strategies to scale a business whilst keeping a flexible lifestyle.

I offer various levels of support to ambitious female business owners whether you’re looking for a one-to-one bespoke package or through group programmes. I also have a fabulous membership and free Facebook community.


Work with me

1:1 Private
Business Coaching

A bespoke service for female business owners who want to fast-track their results and scale their business.

Group Coaching for female entrepreneurs

Mastermind group coaching for ambitious female entrepreneurs wanting to sustainably grow their business.


My experience ranges from multi-million pound launches & campaigns to small start up brand strategy.

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